外国人の杉並さんぽ 荻窪駅と西荻窪駅周辺

Ogikubo: Myoshoji & Nishiogikubo: Cars & Guitars

This next installment of "Suginami Foreigners' Walks" started from Ogikubo and went on a route into Nishi-Ogikubo, finally ending back in Ogikubo. I went with my new friend Damian who has been in Japan about 20 years. Aside from our obvious connection with Japan, we connected in that we are both guitarists and also celebrating the Boston Bruins recent victory of the Stanley Cup, the most important series of games in Hockey. I am from Boston and Damian, originally from Canada, has been a Bruins fan for most of his life. It almost felt like being home to be able to talk about a hockey team like the Bruins again.
-Greg Mudarri, U.S.A.

The most amazing thing to me about the route we took was that we both had planned to go to a lot of the same places independently of each other. Back in October I was looking for some places of interest and when I was in Nishi-Ogikubo. I found some interesting looking places including a Ferrari dealer. I thought it would be interesting for Japanese and foreigners alike. he had included a similar route and the Ferrari place! I never even mentioned it to anyone. So those destinations were a must, and also knowing our mutual love for guitars we added a vintage guitar shop to the tour, and along the way we walked along Myoshoji River and saw its namesake temple and park, as well as other places of interest along the path.



We started from Ogikubo Station down Kyokai-Dori

GREG: We started from Ogikubo Station down Kyokai-Dori (kyokai-dori.com), but the first stop was Myoshoji Park. The Park has a great pond and depending on when you go, you may be able to see the large fountains running. The park also has a lot of open space to have a picnic or for kids to play. From the park the Myoshoji River starts and we walked down the river for a ways.

DAMIAN: Every time I go back to that area it is a special feeling. That is where my son spent the first 5 years of his life so I have a lot of great memories playing in Myoshoji Park with him and walking around the neighbourhood. I also used to play guitar in the park too and sometimes people would come up and talk to me, so I had a good chance to meet some local Suginami people.



Exploring Science in Suginami

GREG: Damian mentioned a building that looked like a planetarium right near the beginning of the river so we went to go check it out. It appears to be both an observatory and a planetarium. Unfortunately, it is closed on Sundays so we could not enter. We would like to go back when it is open. It seems like a great place for kids where they can learn a lot about science. I was very interested in the silk worm farming I could see through the window.

DAMIAN: I always used to wonder what such a rare building was doing in the middle of a residential area of Suginami ward! I've always wanted to enter it but it seemed as though it was closed a lot of the time.

Suginami Science Museum
167-0033 Suginami-ku, Shimizu 3-3-13 phone: 03-3396-4391
Open Hours: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Closed: Year End/New Year's Holidays, Sundays and Holidays



〒167-0033 杉並区清水3丁目3番13号 電話03-3396-4391
開館時間:午前 9 時~午後 5 時

Myoshoji Temple

GREG: This was a really beautiful temple. I was really glad we ended up here after walking the river a little. The temple to me really had an "East Meets West" feel with its grassy areas, which were very verdant and pleasant. Usually we would expect many stones in place of the grass, so this is really the first temple I had seen like this. Very beautiful. In fact, Damian even remarked, "Who needs Kyoto when you have a place like this in Suginami!"

DAMIAN: Myoshoji is a lovely little temple located about 20 minutes on foot from Ogikubo station, not far from Myshoji park. It's peace and tranquility was a welcoming change from the hustle and bustle of nearby Kanpachi Dori, and worth a trip up to see.

Myoshoji Temple
Suginami-ku, Shimizu 3-5-10




Horse Power Galore in Suginami. Vintage Guitars in Suginami.

GREG: I walked by Prancing Horse before, and marveled at the Ferraris and Porsches through the glass. When Damian told me he had been there with his son and the owner was happy to let them look around, I thought we must check it out.

We talked a lot to the owner, Mr. Endo. He was a very nice man and told us a bit about the shop. He started the business here in 1996. Before that it was a convenience store! He started with his own 12 cylinder Ferrari hobby car and now his dealership attracts many car lovers in their 40's and 50's who always dreamed of having these cars but could never afford it before. He mainly sells Ferrari, Porsche, and Mercedes and also offers maintenance and parts.

DAMIAN: This is a very rare and interesting shop in Suginami. How often does one come across a Ferrari shop??? I took my junior high school son and two of his friends who were into cars to check out the cars, and the owner was very friendly and informative about his unique collection.

Prancing Horse
Suginami-ku, Imagawa 4-1-17
03-5310-5577 / FAX 03-5310-1722
Hours: 10:30am - 7:00pm (closed on Sundays)
Owner: Akihito Endo

GREG: When Damian suggested we check out a guitar shop, of course I was all for it! Since we are both serious players, it seemed like a perfect stop on our walk. The place was really cool with lots of great vintage guitars and amps. The owner started it in 1984 and chose the location because there is a great venue nearby as well as other music and related stores. Guitars Market specializes in vintage guitars and amps, and also does repairs. The kind owner, Mr. Terada, is also a musician and knows how to help out a lot of musicians.

DAMIAN: I have been walking to and from my home in Mitaka to work in Ogikubo over 10 years, and so I must have passed by this guitar shop hundreds of times. Unfortunately, the day I pass by it is on a Wednesday when they are closed. But I was finally able to check it out on my Suginami walk and was impressed with their collection of classic Gibson and Fender electric guitars as well as a few rare guitars. The owner was friendly and informative.

Guitars Market
Suginami-ku Nishiogi Minami 4-27-9
03-3334-5566 / FAX 03-3334-5567
Hours: 12:00pm - 8:00pm (closed Wednesdays)
Owner: Kazuhito Terada

After Guitars Market, we made our way back to where we started, Ogikubo Station, although Nishi-Ogikubo Station is arguably closer. You can decide which way to go based on the station that is more convenient to you.
Greg Mudarri, U.S.A.



ダミアン:プランシングホースは、杉並区でもとても珍しくて面白いお店の1つです。フェラーリのお店はあまりないでしょう? 車に興味を持っていた中学生の息子と、彼の2人の友だちを連れて車を見に行きました。オーナーはとても親切で、ユニークな車についてよく教えて下さいました。

東京都杉並区今川4-1-17 03-5310-5577 / FAX 03-5310-1722
店長:遠藤 昭彦

執筆:Greg Mudarri(アメリカ)


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